Nordiska Projekt 19.12.2019 . Pumped Hydro Storage bygger demoanläggning för pumpvattenkraft i Pyhäjärvi, Finland. Läs mer här.

SCL Callio World Record Breakers 7.9.2019 event official poster is here!

Callio Extreme Run 2018 results and news. Here.

Callio Extreme Run 2018 – world’s toughest underground running race. Nobody in his or her right mind would run 11 km underground in our mine. Except you. You badass. Welcome. Registration.

Pyhäjärvi Energy Storage in Mine event in Helsinki 5.4.2018. Registration and more info.

Underground Laboratories as platforms for innovation and new businesses – International research group meeting in Pyhäjärvi, Finland.

Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project, launched by the Kerttu Saalasti Institute of University of Oulu, has received substantial EU-funding, for the entire consortium approximately 3,4 million euros. Project partners from 8 different countries and 14 institutions are gathered in Finland for the kick-off of the project.
Read more: Project summary 26.09.2017.