Sandvik – BEVs on the way to meeting their huge productivity potential in operations. The concept diesel-electric truck is being tested at the Callio mine in Finland. International Mining 18.5.2024. Read more.

European deep mine operators looking into underground energy storage. 14.5.2024. Read more.

Gravitricity plans 2-MW gravity energy store at Finnish mine. Renewables Now 5.2.2024. Read more.

Nokia RXRM: igniting the potential of the industrial metaverse. Nokia 25.1.2024. Read more.

Edzcom, Callio Pyhäjärvi using Nokia private 5G wireless network for Finnish test mine. 5.7.2023. Read more.

And again super big news for Pyhäjärvi. EU Commission approves €26.3 million Finnish measure to support Suomen Energiavarasto Oy in construction of hydroelectric pump storage. 7. December 2022.  Read more. 

Super big news for Pyhäjärvi! The pumped hydro storage plant is going forward. €26.3 million investment support for Finlands Energy Storage Ltd. 2.September 2021.  Read more.

Callio TestMINE project has received positive funding decision from Business Finland on 24.8.2021. Read more. (Finnish)

Testing, Developing, and Operating a Geothermal Energy Solution. Intention is to drill the deepest bore hole in Europe, generate green electricity and test new use cases for the technology EURACTIV. 22.4.2021. Read more.

Callio Underground Rescue animation video released from ACUUS 2021 seminar 3-4.February 2021.

Employee announcement 14.8.2021. Mr Veeti Kokkonen, our newest Project Manager, will start his new job in the Underground Rescue project. We are very excited to have him as a new member of the Callio team. Veeti has already wide experience in Pyhäsalmi  post-mining activities e.g. from natural resources business and customer’s RDI testing projects. Welcome aboard Veeti!

Have you heard of Callio FireLAB project, which will develop a fire laboratory utilizing the unique underground infrastructure of the Pyhäsalmi mine for piloting and demonstrating business needs? Please check our latest animation video here.

Finest Bay Area Development, which has plans to dig a tunnel connecting Finland and Estonia, has announced plans to establish a research centre at the Pyhäsalmi mine. 19.2.2021. Read more.

SCL Callio World Record Breakers 7.9.2019 event official poster is here!

Callio Extreme Run 2018 results and news. Here.

Callio Extreme Run 2018 – world’s toughest underground running race. Nobody in his or her right mind would run 11 km underground in our mine. Except you. You badass. Welcome. Registration.

Pyhäjärvi Energy Storage in Mine event in Helsinki 5.4.2018. Registration and more info.

Underground Laboratories as platforms for innovation and new businesses – International research group meeting in Pyhäjärvi, Finland.

Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network (BSUIN) project, launched by the Kerttu Saalasti Institute of University of Oulu, has received substantial EU-funding, for the entire consortium approximately 3,4 million euros. Project partners from 8 different countries and 14 institutions are gathered in Finland for the kick-off of the project.
Read more: Project summary 26.09.2017.