Waste-free mining

The treatment of the Pyhäsalmi mine groundwater ensures that the environmental permit conditions are met after the end of mining operations during 2022. Callio Pyhäjärvi, in cooperation with the Industrial Water Ltd., has preliminarily studied alternative solutions to the current water treatment based on lime neutralization (BAT). Laboratory-scale experiments have tested several water treatment technologies and new solutions for the utilization of valuable raw material elements and compounds. With the help of a pilot project funded by the Council of Oulu Region, the need for groundwater treatment, the effectiveness of the technological solutions and the optimization of the required processes, together with the industrial partners involved, will be verified on a smaller scale before the industrial-scale investment. New ideas and innovations generated in connection with this piloting and development work can be commercialized for extensive use at other sites both in Finland and abroad.

The Council of Oulu Region has decided to finance the project from the Supporting Sustainable Growth and Vitality of Regions (AKKE) allocation. Read more.

  • Project implementation time is 1.3.2022- 31.12.2022.
  • The approved total costs of the project are 170 000 €.
  • The project brochure is available here.


Further information:

Timo Karsikas, Project Manager, +358 50 555 2204, timo.karsikas@pyhajarvi.fi 

Sakari Nokela, Chief Development Officer, +358 40 180 9511, sakari.nokela@pyhajarvi.fi