Callio provides a safe and stable operating environment, even when measured against the most stringent global indicators, that also allows a diverse range of R&D and testing operations as well as extensive experiments.

Customer example – Normet, Iisalmi, Finland

Normet provides demanding solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling. Normet develops, manufactures and markets equipment and vehicles for mining and underground construction as well as provides a comprehensive range of life time care services around the equipment and the processes they are used for. Normet Group is the global market leader in its product areas. The company’s head office and factory are located in Iisalmi, Finland, approx. 70 km from Pyhäsalmi mine.

Pyhäsalmi mine has been one of the users of Normet’s solutions for years and will continue as an important testing facility for Normet’s new future products.

Further information:

Chief Development Officer, +358 40 180 9511, sakari.nokela@pyhajarvi.fi 

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