Callio FutureMINE project develops the Pyhäsalmi mine’s infrastructure into a digital test mine of the future, which can influence the electrification and digitalization of the entire mining industry in Finland and internationally.

The mining industry is moving towards a more digital and electronic era. In the future, genuine underground mining test environment are required, where the cluster members involved plan their operating models and develop their testing services in close cooperation with ODM’s and other technology vendors, and where the mining industry products and solutions are studied, developed, and tested in both real and simulated digital development environment.

One of the key target groups of the FutureMINE innovation cluster project is manufacturers and end users of the battery-powered technology (e.g., batteries, charging points, battery-powered work machines, vehicles and equipment, servers, and backup power services) whose activities emphasize testing new technology and ensuring end to end operational safety. Such safety needs include, for example, tunnel construction and the placement of machines and charging equipment in an old underground and closed spaces. The target group also includes companies related to the transport, energy storages and use of explosives and explosive materials.

The Callio FutureMINE – the future digital test mine project, coordinated by Pyhäsalmen Kvanttikinteistöt Ltd, has been granted a European Union NextGenerationEU funding from Finland’s Sustainable Growth program. The amount of the grant awarded by Business Finland is €1,050,000, the total budget of the project is €2,100,000. The project will be implemented between 2023–2025.

FutureMINE project time: 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2025

FutureMINE budget: 2 100 000 €

FutureMINE original founding partners: Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy, Edzcom Oy, Sandvik Oy, Normet Oy, M-Solutions Oy, Pyhäsalmen Kvanttikiinteistöt Oy, Kempower Oy, Oy Forcit Ab, Delta Cygni Labs Oy, Byrnecut Ltd (AUS), OZ Minerals Ltd (AUS)

During 2023 Barrick Gold Corporation and Anglo American have joined the FutureMINE innovation cluster.

FutureMINE official project brochure is available here.

Further information:

Chief Development Officer and FutureMINE coordinator Sakari Nokela, +358 40 180 9511, sakari.nokela@pyhajarvi.fi 

FutureMINE Project manager Nelli Hautamäki, +358 40 654 0248, nelli.hautamaki@pyhajarvi.fi

Please take a look on the way we are planning to develope a FutureMINE test ecosystem and demonstrate new technology and solutions testing for the mining industry:

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