The aim of the FutureMINE project is to find out what are the future of mining technology innovations and their testing needs and requirements. In addition to this, the aim is to create a concept of how to build the world’s best test environment for new mining technology testing in Pyhäsalmi mine.

Callio TestMINE, the first phase of the project Q3/2021 – Q3/2022, will carry out technical requirements and business studies and models the vision and roadmap to achieve the goals by 2025. The second phase, the FutureMINE project Q3/2022 – Q3/2025, will form an active network of innovation and cooperation between the poject partners and will conduct necessary innovation and development investments together with the regional business actors and with international organizations involved in the project.

The result of the project is a road map for the years 2021 – 2025 and a modeling of the FutureMINE test environment concept.

TestMINE project time: 1.08.2021 – 31.7.2022

TestMINE budget: 62 000€

TestMINE partners: Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy, Edzcom Oy, Sandvik Oy, Normet Oy, M-Solutions Oy, BioSO4 Oy, Pyhäsalmen Kvanttikiinteistöt Oy

TestMINE official project brochure is available here.

Further information:

Chief Development Officer and TestMINE coordinator, +358 40 180 9511, sakari.nokela@pyhajarvi.fi 

Please take a look on the way we are planning to develope a FutureMINE test ecosystem and demonstrate new technology and solutions testing for the mining industry:

Business research, development and innovation opportunities