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The first ever Future Data Summit -event in 2018 was a great success

We had all together over 200 visitors and the atmosphere was excited. According our feedback questionnaire quarter of the visitors who answered the questionnaire thought that the event was excellent. 94 % thought it was good or excellent.

Overall rating of the event:

Almost 40 % of the visitors would be promoters and recommend this event to a friend or a colleague.

The most liked speakers were Prof Ian Bitterlin, Ari Lampela from Google and Sauli Eloranta from Rolls-Royce Marine. Speakers suggested to us for next year were for example: “International co-location and hyperscalers owners and CEO´s”, Risto Siilasmaa and Julian Dontcheff. Thank you for all given ideas!

What we have to do better next year is to reach more international guests. Good thing is that now we have more time to advert our event, since the date is already decided.

Next Future Data Summit will take place in Dipoli on 18th of September 2019!

Future Data Summit