Surrounding area

The town of Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is located in the southernmost corner of the Oulu region in an area we call Oulu South. It also borders on the provinces of  Central Finland and Pohjois-Savo region. The town belongs to Nivala-Haapajärvi subregion.

As the highway 4 (E75), the highway 27 and the Ylivieska-Iisalmi railway all run through the town, Pyhäjärvi is well situated in an intersection of transport services. The town also has an airfield.

The town of Pyhäjärvi is named after the lake Pyhäjärvi, a lake of 125 square kilometers and rich in fish.

The town has about 5 500 inhabitants, of whom some 60 percent live in the two main villages, Pyhäsalmi and Ruotanen.

Picture: Thomas Freundlich

Cultural activities

In its town planning Pyhäjärvi emphasises the importance of cultural activities. Annually lots of activities are arranged by the town of Pyhäjärvi and other organizations.

The Pyhäjärvi Women´s Gymnastics Club, with its history of more than 40 active years, has made the local art of dancing famous all over Finland. The Dance school of Pyhäjärvi is creating a centre of dance pedagogics in Pyhäjärvi.

Full Moon Dance Festival is a comtemporary dance festival in Finland. Professional dancers from all over the world come and spend a week in Pyhäjärvi in July every year.

Picture: Jouko Moilanen

Spare time activities

Pyhäjärvi is active in sports: there are two sports and gymnastics halls, eight illuminated jogging paths, an icehockey hall, an indoor swimming-bath, three fitness gyms, five tennis courts and the nine-hole golf course of St. Lake Golf.

Our modern library arranges interesting exhibitions and readings on a regular basis. The library offers a wide range of literature, recordings, and DVDs.

We also have several hunting and fishing clubs, an active volunteer fire brigade, a sports car club, an aviation club, an accordion club, a youth club, a summer theatre, etc.



Marjoniemi Holiday Resort

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Shopping and services

The town of Pyhäjärvi is situated in about half-way between the towns Iisalmi and Ylivieska and it is the middle one in a row of towns with nearly 100.000 inhabitants altogether.

The business centre of Pyhäjärvi, Pyhäsalmi, has several well-stocked shops, supermarkets and department stores. There are also several small specialized shops.

Public health services are provided by the modern health centre. We also have several private enterprises, which provide general practice, dental care, physiotherapy and massage.

Senior citizens are taken good care of in the Service Centre and in the private Service Home.

Picture: Heidi Veikkola


The comprehensive school in Pyhäjärvi has five lower schools (grades 1 to 6) and one upper school (grades 7 to 9 and an optional 10). The upper comprehensive school shares the facilities of the Central School building with the upper secondary school. For educational and cultural activities, we also provide the services of an open school for adults, a dance school, a musical college and a summer university.

Main image: Jari Kokkonen
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