3D Visualization of Pyhäjärvi Energy Storage

The Pyhäsalmi mine, located in the Town of Pyhäjärvi, is the deepest base metal mine in Europe. The orebody is expected to deplete by 2019. The mine infrastructure is globally unique and is providing a very potential platform for production, research and development activities. The infrastructure is suitable not only for science, but also offers substantial advantages for very versatile business activities.

The domestic hydro power resources are fully utilized and all the other the opportunities for balancing power should be carefully studied. Pumped Hydro Energy Storage is up to date the only known and economically sound technology for large scale energy storage.

Energy storage characteristics

The Pyhäjärvi pumped storage plant will be integrated into the existing mine infrastructure with a hydraulic head of up to 1400 m and an envisaged capacity of 75 – 400 MW with an
underground lower storage reservoir. Solution is widely used and based on proven and robust technology with lifetime of over 50 years. Pumped storage operates in closed water circulation, which means there is no impact to environment.

Innovative design

This project is rather unique worldwide and requires innovative design methods which are delivered by Pöyry Experts. In particular the very high hydraulic head and the integration into the existing underground mining complex is considered very challenging. Project has low investments costs compared to battery storages and is well positioned for Finnish electricity market development and local wind farms enabling hybrid solutions in future.

Please take a look of our 3D visualization how it could look like: