Why Pyhäjärvi, Finland?

Pyhäjärvi Data Center Campus offers major benefits for investors and operators. Several key facts build up our unique value proposition:

Fact 1. Did you know, that Finland has one of the most reliable electric grids in the world!

Since 2006 the transmission reliability has been 99,99982% with average duration of forced interruptions of 2,1 minutes only.

Fact 2. Did you know, that energy cost in Finland is about 50% LESS than in Germany!

Price volatility is expected to be very stable and low due to decentralized energy production in Finland and possible energy price reduce when Olkiluoto 3 (a new 1600MW power plant) will start operations in later 2018.

Fact 3. Free cooling saves energy and costs!

Cool climate and pure air including lake Pyhäjärvi gives many cost effective possibilities for cooling of Data Center servers. Due to cool climate the need to invest to mechanical cooling systems is lower and warm periods are short which lowers TCO. Due to existing infrastructure of former Pyhäsalmi Mine, the Pyhäjärvi Data Center Campus has excellent power, cooling & connectivity possibilities including existing potable water and sewage water connections close to the area.

Fact 4. Potential re-use heat utilizers

Town of Pyhäjärvi has a district heating system and many greenhouses producing plants that would not otherwise survive in the area. This creates an excellent possibility to re-use waste heat from Data Center servers. There are several other potential re-use heat utilizers in the data center vicinity such as underground plant growing in mine and mine ventilation fresh air heating.

Fact 5. Safe geological location and nature

Town of Pyhäjärvi is in very safe geological location. The earthquakes are minor in Nordics and in Finland earthquakes are even rarer and smaller in magnitude than in other Nordic countries.  Pyhäjärvi Data Center Campus lies on very old and stable bedrock. There are no major storms like hurricanes or tropic storms in the region. Our climate is generally mild and the Data Center site is located 149 meters above the sea level.

Fact 6. Innovative idea to re-use mine as an energy-storage – also to backup Data Center

There is currently an idea to re-use mine as an energy storage in the future. The preliminary capacity of the pumped-hydro energy storage with flexible operation range of 2 x 75 MW with 530 – 1054 MHw energy capacity.

International companies are warmly welcomed to Pyhäjärvi, Finland.

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