Concept of Underground Utilization

An excellent showcase to offer the most cost effective, secure, scalable and green Data Center solution?

Pyhäjärvi Data Center site is located in the Town of Pyhäjärvi, in Central Finland. Data Center facilities could locate e.g. 20 – 40m underground and having still the physical shield against e.g. industrial espionage and solar storms.


Since the Pyhäjärvi Data Center site locates close to existing mine, there are a lot of skillful workmen, equipment and tools available to excavate suitable underground spaces. In matter of fact, it is possible that existing mine could buy excavated rock for its use. Construction costs to underground facilities are competitive compared to on very common ground constructions.

Being as a gateway between East and West!

The new submarine fiber optic routes from Europe to Asia (ROTACS and ARCTIC FIBRE) will lower latency between Europe and Asia about 90 -100 ms compared to traditional route (Atlantic-Mediterranean-Suez-Red Sea-Indian Ocean-South China Sea).  This will enable Pyhäjärvi Data Center as a Hub of global data flows linking Europe, Russia and Asia.

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